***UPDATE 2023*** Hi everyone! While I am not on here too much anymore, I'm still always in my kitchen, baking and cooking and learning My husband and I are currently living in Ontario, as we take care of my almost 88 year old mother. Unfortunately, my current responsibilities don't allow me to plan regular cooking … Continue reading ONLINE COOKING CLASSES


I was introduced to farro a few years ago on a trip to Italy. We were staying with our friends who live just outside of Florence (who doesn't want friend like that!) for a few days and one day for lunch on their gorgeous deck overlooking those Tuscan hills we were served a beautiful array … Continue reading BRIE SPINACH PORTO FARROTTO


These are perfection. And I'm not even a potato girl. Perfection. I've used the 'chopstick' method on potatoes before when I've made Hasselback potatoes. (When you see that name am I the only one who thinks of Elizabeth Hasselbeck who was on 'Survivor' all those years ago? No? Just me? Okay fine). This is just … Continue reading CRUNCHY MESH POTATOES

BREAKFAST tortilla cup

We typically eat different foods at different times of the day. But why should that be so? Who made eggs best to eat at breakfast? I really don't know but I'm not really arguing either. Don't get me wrong, we eat eggs all throughout the day. My latest fav is the runny fried egg that … Continue reading BREAKFAST tortilla cup


Who doesn't love pesto. The colour. The versatility. The fact that it gives me an excuse to have more pasta for dinner. Mostly, I love that it makes fantastic use of things that might otherwise get tossed out. For example, the other day I went to get some fennel for one of my other recipes. … Continue reading FENNEL FRONDS PESTO ORECHIETTE


I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is my new favorite ice-cream flavour. I renounce all previous claims stating otherwise. I'm not much of a sweets gal, but this hits all the right spots. Helping me get through those bad days. Those days when we wonder if the pandemic is over. Those … Continue reading DOUBLE CHOCOLATE ALMOND ICE-CREAM

roasted strawberry buttermilk ice-cream

When my good friend in Edmonton suggested this flavour, I was anxious to try it. I had never roasted strawberries before, only vegetables. I just couldn't seem to process how they would turn out. But I knew I had to try. It was super simple, just tossed the beautiful berries in a little sugar and … Continue reading roasted strawberry buttermilk ice-cream

Bananas foster ice-cream

Making a new ice-cream flavour every week is fun. It's probably the only area I really enjoy inventing. And the options are endless! Plus, it's forcing me to work on my ice-cream photography. Not fun, but hopefully eventually helpful in producing mouth-watering pictures. This scoop may not look any different than most regular ice-creams, but … Continue reading Bananas foster ice-cream