Glazed Doughnuts

Ahhhhh the mighty doughnut.  Who doesn’t love them growing up? After graduating from the main toddler choice, the sprinkle doughnut, I always went for the Boston Cream, my dad the apple fritter, and my mom, well anything that looked new and interesting.

These days I’m not much of a doughnut eater.  But a few years ago we did a trip from the middle of Canada through the Rocky Mountains, down the coast from British Columbia, through Washington, Oregon, and California.  It was glorious, and so was all the food along the way.

When we spent a day in Portland, I had heard of Blue Star Donuts and knew I needed to try.  I heard they ran out quickly, so we arrived early (well, 10:00 a.m.) and waited in line outside.  As I watched through the window, I saw them run out of certain flavors and take trays away.  This is probably the worst thing they could do.  At least blacken the windows so we can’t see what we missed by just two people!!!

We finally reached the cash and ordered one of whatever looked fantastic and cut them into four.  Ug.  I had never had doughnuts like that before.  I am getting absolutely nothing for saying this, but please go there if you are in the Portland area.

The only reason I am mentioning it is I guess I DO like doughnuts, if they’re done well.  So for National Doughnut Day, where should I go to for a fail-proof recipe?

The Pioneer Woman.  I am not even going to post my own version of the recipe because there isn’t one.  I copied hers exactly.  Read the entire post if you are attempting doughnuts, she has a ton of tips that you need to make sure you do.

The Pioneer Woman’s Homemade Glazed Doughnuts


I did dip mine in different glazes, which were basically icing sugar mixed with milk; for the chocolate one I added cocoa, I even did a pumpkin spice glaze, and I found those adorable crushed peppermints at the store and sprinkled those on just for me.

Follow the link and try them.  You won’t be disappointed.

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