Egg in a Bagel hole

Do you ever get tired of serving eggs the same way?  Don’t have enough ingredients in the house to dazzle the family this morning with stacks of pancakes and french toast?  Grab those bagels from the freezer that you were smart enough to pre-slice and freeze while they were fresh, some butter, and a few eggs, and within 5 minutes, you are going to be happy.  I promise.

We are fortunate here in Playa del Carmen because we now have a few places that sells some great bagels.  Back in the day, there were none to be found.  In fact, in desperation once, we went to a bagel sandwich store and asked if we could just buy four bagels to take home without the sandwich.  They wouldn’t allow us because it was unheard of and they had no idea what to charge us. I didn’t want a bagel sandwich, I JUST WANTED A DECENT BAGEL.

My mother bought bagels from only two places in Toronto that I recall, and that was it.  She would drive through snowstorm, downpour, freezing rain, you name it, for those bagels and those bagels only.  Other bagel shops wouldn’t do.  A good bagel doesn’t need to be toasted or buttered.  It’s good because it’s good all on it’s own.

We used to make and sell our own so we are self-proclaimed bagel snobs.  After we closed our shop, we sold our industrial sized stone oven and all the equipment that went along with it so our bagel making days at 4 a.m. were over.  (I sure don’t miss the hair nets).

I still swoon over a good bagel.  This fact is widely known among my friends, because in recent years, I have had bagels straight from the shops of Montreal brought/sent to me.  Yes indeed, my Italian foodie friend who left me to make pasta and watch Top Chef alone moved back to Montreal, on more than one occasion, has either brought back or sent to me, Montreal style bagels.  The last time it was a surprise.  I walked into my house and saw a couple semi-smooshed bagels on the counter in a brown paper bag.   I just knew.  By looks only, I knew they weren’t from around these parts.  Those kinds of friends can’t be beat.

Here’s to a simple yet satisfying breakfast.


  • 2 bagels
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 TAB butter
  • salt and pepper


Slice bagels in half.  If bagel hole is too small, cut a little more around so that the yolk will fit in the middle.  Heat a large skillet over medium heat.  Put in 2 TAB of butter and melt.  Put two halves of bagels in, sliced side down.  Break one egg into each hole.  Cover with lid and cook about 2-3 minutes, or until egg is cooked as you like it.  Add more butter if necessary.  Remove to plate, season with salt and pepper, and serve immediately.

Serves 4.

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