Marion’s Dinner Rolls

My husband is from Nova Scotia, I am from Toronto.  He was raised by a single mother and is the youngest of five.  As any single mom would know, raising and feeding five children is no easy task on any budget, never mind a modest one. The first few years I knew my mother-in-law before … Continue reading Marion’s Dinner Rolls

Cheese & Beer Bread

Pre-children, my husband and I lived in New Brunswick for a year, most of 1999.  It was such a short blip of time that sometimes I almost forget that it happened.  My husband is originally from Nova Scotia.  He moved to Toronto in his late teens and lived with his sister and new husband before … Continue reading Cheese & Beer Bread

Banana Bread

When we were newly married and living in an apartment complex in Toronto, we had two couples that we were friends with, also newly married, also living in these apartments.  We enjoyed hanging out with each other after our jobs and our volunteer work, and not having to go far to do it.  Especially on … Continue reading Banana Bread