BREAKFAST tortilla cup

We typically eat different foods at different times of the day. But why should that be so? Who made eggs best to eat at breakfast? I really don't know but I'm not really arguing either. Don't get me wrong, we eat eggs all throughout the day. My latest fav is the runny fried egg that … Continue reading BREAKFAST tortilla cup

Bacon & Cheese Waffles

I love the sitcom Parks & Rec. I love the character Leslie Knope. Probably the only thing I don't get about her is her obsession for waffles. Nor anybody else's obsession with waffles, frankly. The only meal of the day I do not prefer carbs at is breakfast. I would much rather have eggs, bacon, … Continue reading Bacon & Cheese Waffles

Stuffed French Toast Dippers

I'm sick today.  Stomach flu.  Yes I'm starting today's food blog off like this. I'm bored.  There's nothing to watch on Netflix.  My eyes are too tired to read my friends new book that I'm dying to read.   My stomach can't handle my eyes scrolling through my food feed.  I feel so weak I should … Continue reading Stuffed French Toast Dippers

Egg in a Bagel hole

Do you ever get tired of serving eggs the same way?  Don't have enough ingredients in the house to dazzle the family this morning with stacks of pancakes and french toast?  Grab those bagels from the freezer that you were smart enough to pre-slice and freeze while they were fresh, some butter, and a few … Continue reading Egg in a Bagel hole

Blueberry French Toast

Who doesn't love brunch? Isn't it just the most leisurely of meals? What time should it start? Doesn't matter.  What time should people go home? Doesn't matter (unless they've over-stayed their welcome).  Should you serve coffee or mimosas?  Both, please.   For some reason, it seems to be a meal that we don't often get to … Continue reading Blueberry French Toast