I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is my new favorite ice-cream flavour. I renounce all previous claims stating otherwise. I'm not much of a sweets gal, but this hits all the right spots. Helping me get through those bad days. Those days when we wonder if the pandemic is over. Those … Continue reading DOUBLE CHOCOLATE ALMOND ICE-CREAM

roasted strawberry buttermilk ice-cream

When my good friend in Edmonton suggested this flavour, I was anxious to try it. I had never roasted strawberries before, only vegetables. I just couldn't seem to process how they would turn out. But I knew I had to try. It was super simple, just tossed the beautiful berries in a little sugar and … Continue reading roasted strawberry buttermilk ice-cream

Bananas foster ice-cream

Making a new ice-cream flavour every week is fun. It's probably the only area I really enjoy inventing. And the options are endless! Plus, it's forcing me to work on my ice-cream photography. Not fun, but hopefully eventually helpful in producing mouth-watering pictures. This scoop may not look any different than most regular ice-creams, but … Continue reading Bananas foster ice-cream

mixed berry cheesecake ice cream

So.... funny story. I made Rocky Road ice-cream the other day. I found about a cup of Canadian mini-marshmallows in my fridge and knew I had to make one of my favorite flavours of ice-cream to put them to good use. Marshmallows here in Mexico aren't of the greatest quality. I haven't seen a bag … Continue reading mixed berry cheesecake ice cream

Vanilla Ice-Cream with Chocolate Peppermint Chunks

I understand that businesses thrive on seasonal items, but I've got to say, it makes me crazy when I just want something that is 'out of season' and I know it'll be impossible to get it. This is how I felt about a particular flavour of ice-cream known as President's Choice Candy Cane Chocolate Fudge … Continue reading Vanilla Ice-Cream with Chocolate Peppermint Chunks

Bourbon Apple Pie Ice Cream

The air is turning cooler, the leaves are changing color, pumpkin spice is on every coffee shop menu, and the apple orchards are in full swing. Not here in Mexico, of course, but for the majority of you readers, these words ring true. I miss autumn.  A few years ago I went home to visit … Continue reading Bourbon Apple Pie Ice Cream

Limoncello Lemon Curd Ice-Cream

I am going to try and not make this post ramble on and dart from this story to that, but I'm very afraid I won't be able to do that.  Why?  Because I'll be speaking of lemons.  And Limoncello.  Which means Italy.  And this time specifically the Amalfi coast.  And we all know what happens … Continue reading Limoncello Lemon Curd Ice-Cream

Tiramisu ice-cream

When I posted this on Instagram yesterday, I had a few people, even close friends, shocked at the fact that I am not a fan of Tiramisu, the dessert.  I'm not sure why.  Let's analyze. I like coffee, but I don't LOVE coffee.  I can live without it.  Same goes for Kahlua, the coffee-flavored liquor.  … Continue reading Tiramisu ice-cream

Lavender Earl Grey Ice-Cream

I have wanted to make lavender ice-cream for soooooooooooo long.  Every picture I had seen intrigued me: the color, the flavor.  Maybe because purple is my favorite color?  Because I've always wanted to run through fields of lavender? Because I'm interested to know who first thought of using lavender in cooking?  Shall I go on? … Continue reading Lavender Earl Grey Ice-Cream

Strawberry Basil Almond Ice-Cream

Have you bought an ice-cream maker yet?  What is holding you back? The money? Think of this though.  Unless you are buying the cheapest of cheapest ice-cream which, let's face it, is never that great, you will be saving money.  Making your own food almost ALWAYS means you are saving money. Here's another thought: haven't … Continue reading Strawberry Basil Almond Ice-Cream