Ricotta Pine Nut Brittle Ice-Cream

Does anybody else ask their visitors or company for food suggestions?  Sometimes I find planning a menu harder than executing one.  I often ask people who will be visiting  what their favorite ice-cream flavor is, or friends we plan to have for dinner if there's something they miss and crave.   I don't always promise that … Continue reading Ricotta Pine Nut Brittle Ice-Cream

Pistachio Ice-Cream

It's been awhile since I've been here.  Life has been busy. We live in an area where the economy and tourism work on high season and low season.  We are still in high season.  Which is good for the economy, tourism, and my social life.  Not so good on my nightly hours of sleep.  That … Continue reading Pistachio Ice-Cream

Tiger-Tail Ice-Cream

I don't like black licorice.  I love red licorice.  Twizzlers please.  A friend just bought me down about 5 packs.  I may have eaten the first one in its entirety right in front of her. But black licorice? Nasty.  I'll even admit to the fact that people have given me "good quality licorice", and I … Continue reading Tiger-Tail Ice-Cream

S’mores Ice Cream

I willingly call myself a s'mores snob.  What that means is, I need its components prepared properly to fully enjoy the beauty of a s'more. The last few years we were camping in Ontario, when it was s'mores time, I would plop myself beside the fire.  The graham crackers stayed wrapped up and crunchy until … Continue reading S’mores Ice Cream

Chocolate Ganache Ice-Cream

When I used to live in the land of cable television, I used to try and avoid those late night infomercials.  You know, the kind that when you can't sleep at 2:30 a.m., make you believe that you need everything they are selling?  How did I live without that snuggie fleece blanket for so long? … Continue reading Chocolate Ganache Ice-Cream

Rum Raisin Ice-Cream

Anyone remember watching The Newlywed game?  Recently married couples answer questions about each other hoping to win cash.  Questions are asked when one newlywed is out of the room and when they return, the answers must match to score points.  The couple with the highest points wins. Ever try playing this game? It's a lot … Continue reading Rum Raisin Ice-Cream

Irish Cream Fudge Ice-Cream

I love making ice-cream.  I love offering ice-cream to people when they come over. This is inevitably what happens. "We have ice-cream if anyone is interested."  No response. "We have ... (insert recently made ice-cream flavor here)."  More silence.  Then, "ummmm did you make that? Because you can't buy that here."  "Well yes I did … Continue reading Irish Cream Fudge Ice-Cream