Cantonese Noodles

So I was cleaning out my pantry the other day when I found these noodles.  My husband has been working on his Ramen soup every weekend, and I thought these noodles belonged to him.  He looked at them and said no and 'just trash them' (because they looked a little stuck together from coastal humidity).  … Continue reading Cantonese Noodles

Jap Chae (Korean Stir Fry)

It's funny how sometimes you don't even notice that you miss something until you see it.  Does that make sense? My mom used to buy these sweet potato noodles when we lived in Ontario.  She had a few recipes she used them with and they were always good.  I never bought them myself, to be … Continue reading Jap Chae (Korean Stir Fry)

Pink Gemelli with Sausage

At this point in my life, I probably make this pasta more than any other.  It seems I always have the ingredients on hand.  There's always leftover whipping cream from ice cream, I always have boxes of tomato puree, and there's always a noodle floating around.  When my kids aren't home I add mushrooms.  Technically, … Continue reading Pink Gemelli with Sausage

Cheesy Cauliflower Pasta

If you are looking for a low-fat recipe, perhaps this isn't the recipe for you.  If you're looking for some meatless comfort food, this is your stop. This recipe comes from a classic cookbook that is still in my mother's drawer, weathered, stained and torn, and with good reason.  Some of my favorite childhood food … Continue reading Cheesy Cauliflower Pasta

Italian Garlic Fettuccine

Growing up in Toronto, I had a good friend who for a few years worked at a store that sold fresh pasta.  It belonged to the restaurant of the same name across the street.  When people ate at the restaurant, loving the pasta, they could head straight across the street and buy some of that … Continue reading Italian Garlic Fettuccine

Ukrainian Pierogies

I have been watching my mother and Baba (grand-mother in Ukrainian) make pierogies for as long as I can remember.  My mother has told me she remembers watching her dad eat up to 66 at a time!  Those were different times, when people actually needed to consume more calories because their employment was usually physical … Continue reading Ukrainian Pierogies

Tortellini with Crisp Salami, Mushrooms, & Cream

How many recipes do you all have because you went somewhere for dinner and BEGGED the hostess for the recipe?  I have quite a few. And this is one of my favorites. I have no idea which one of my extended family member's home that we ate this, but I still remember who made it … Continue reading Tortellini with Crisp Salami, Mushrooms, & Cream