I was introduced to farro a few years ago on a trip to Italy. We were staying with our friends who live just outside of Florence (who doesn't want friend like that!) for a few days and one day for lunch on their gorgeous deck overlooking those Tuscan hills we were served a beautiful array … Continue reading BRIE SPINACH PORTO FARROTTO


***UPDATE 2023*** Hi everyone! While I am not on here too much anymore, I'm still always in my kitchen, baking and cooking and learning My husband and I are currently living in Ontario, as we take care of my almost 88 year old mother. Unfortunately, my current responsibilities don't allow me to plan regular cooking … Continue reading ONLINE COOKING CLASSES

JORDAN – 2 days in Petra and Wadi Rum

Have you ever looked at pictures of Petra, one of the Wonders of the World, and the beautiful sands of the desert in Wadi Rum where they filmed such movies as “The Martian” and ‘Lawrence of Arabia” and dreamed of visiting? Have you then told friends excitedly about said dreams … only to have people … Continue reading JORDAN – 2 days in Petra and Wadi Rum