mixed berry cheesecake ice cream

So.... funny story. I made Rocky Road ice-cream the other day. I found about a cup of Canadian mini-marshmallows in my fridge and knew I had to make one of my favorite flavours of ice-cream to put them to good use. Marshmallows here in Mexico aren't of the greatest quality. I haven't seen a bag … Continue reading mixed berry cheesecake ice cream

Chicken & wine

Our noses have a way of sniffing out nostalgia. Smell goes into the emotional parts of the brain and the memory parts, whereas words go into thinking parts of the brain. This could explain why memories sparked by smell feel nostalgic and emotional. I often say that we didn't have a lot of food traditions … Continue reading Chicken & wine

Chicken zucchini poppers with creamy garlic dip

This is the first recipe I ever published on this blog. I went to edit it the other day and somehow got lost in a foreign and scary editing world from which I could not return. The post had to be trashed and I had to start all over again. So here we go. A … Continue reading Chicken zucchini poppers with creamy garlic dip

Bacon & Cheese Waffles

I love the sitcom Parks & Rec. I love the character Leslie Knope. Probably the only thing I don't get about her is her obsession for waffles. Nor anybody else's obsession with waffles, frankly. The only meal of the day I do not prefer carbs at is breakfast. I would much rather have eggs, bacon, … Continue reading Bacon & Cheese Waffles

Chipotle Garlic Potatoes

Last weekend, my husband was smoking a huge pork butt on the smoker. Before the quarantine, he would use the smoker or barbecue at least once or twice a month, but now, with more free time on his hands, we get treated to some delicious meat a little more often.  In between the hours he … Continue reading Chipotle Garlic Potatoes

Marinated Feta & Orzo Salad

I had a recipe very similar to this on the blog awhile ago. I thought it needed freshening up and definitely a new picture. Turns out, I changed a whole lot about it so I thought that I would just enter in a new post. After all, we all have a lot of free time … Continue reading Marinated Feta & Orzo Salad

Browned Butter Pears with Crunchy Almond Crumble

During the current pandemic, like many others, I find myself purchasing more of an item than I usually would. I guess internally I'm worried that one day we won't be allowed to go into the grocery stores at all so I'm even buying larger quantities of fruits and veggies  when I see them, afraid it … Continue reading Browned Butter Pears with Crunchy Almond Crumble

Crispy Mushroom Mascarpone Pasta

For those of you who don't know me, my husband, two teenagers, and I have been caregivers for my now 85 year old parents for the last 6 years here in Mexico. Recently, we made the hard decision together that they needed to go back to Canada for many reasons. Unfortunately, the decision was made … Continue reading Crispy Mushroom Mascarpone Pasta